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Welcome to The Yard Studio, where we are fueled by our passion for Audio Production. Meet Dave Tomlinson and Rob Burgess, the driving force behind this creative haven. Together, as professional musicians, producers, tutors, songwriters, and session players, they have seamlessly blended their expertise and top-notch equipment to create a studio that boasts a truly unique sonic experience and vibe.

Our studio currently features a thoughtfully designed live room and a cozy control room, where we craft professional music on a daily basis. But that's just the beginning of our journey! We have exciting plans in the pipeline, including the addition of a dedicated vocal booth, an intimate echo chamber, and a specially designed attic space to house amplifiers. In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we're also working on creating accommodations for bands to stay comfortably while recording.

At The Yard Studio, we don't just capture sound; we curate an environment that inspires creativity and brings out the best in every artist. Join us on this musical adventure as we elevate your audio production experience to new heights.


Our live room boasts an array of amp cabs, bass cabs, drum kits, percussion instruments, spare snares, USA Baldwin upright piano, and an assortment of microphones – essentially, everything that brings music to life.

The control room houses a 36 channel ex-BBC Soundcraft B800 customised desk, evolving outboard gear, amp heads with direct tracking capabilities.


The studio's acoustic mastery is a testament to Dave's meticulous craftsmanship, where diffusers and absorption work in tandem, creating a contained yet vibrant sonic environment.

Our gear selection is ever-growing, encompassing renowned brands like Tama, Zildjian, Marshall, Fender, Orange, and more.


A wealth of guitars, numerous pedals, and an expanding mic selection form our creative arsenal. Operating from a main studio Mac and additional MacBook Pros, we leverage Protools, Logic, Ableton, and Reaper for seamless production.

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Rob Burgess


Mix Engineer


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