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In the dynamic realm of music, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a myriad of extraordinary artists, including the likes of Jody McKenna, Crooked Weather, Rivers Johannson, Reg Meuross, Tony Beacock, and the remarkable Quicksilver Kings, to name just a few.

While the technical intricacies of engineering, such as setting up mics, form the foundation of my work, it's the art of production that truly ignites my passion. Unveiling the full potential of artists, delving into innovative approaches, orchestrating arrangements, playing instrumental roles, and seamlessly aligning with the artist's vision are the facets where I thrive.

Alongside my studio expertise, I bring over 20 years of recording experience, serving as a session standard guitarist and drummer. My extensive live playing background and 25+ years as a songwriter contribute to a unique perspective in the studio. As a guitar and drum tutor, I not only share my skills but also foster a collaborative learning environment.

My creative journey is fueled by a boundless willingness to experiment and an eagerness to embrace the uncharted. I'm not just open to new ideas; I actively seek them out, injecting freshness into every project.

Now based at The Yard Studio in Hull, I'm hard at work with new clients, developing the sounds we are capturing, and progressing passionately deeper into the realms of professional music production.

Education / Credentials

  • BA Hons in Creative Music Technology
  • BTEC National Diploma in Popular Music
  • AQA Classical Guitar Grades
  • Hardcore Studio Tracking & Mixing courses
  • Hardcore Studio Mix Mentor
  • Prices

  • 8 hours - £250
  • £35ph
  • Session musician rates £130 per 4 hours (MU Standard Rate)
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    Man leaning over mixing desk

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